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Company Ethics

At Omnigraphix, LLC, we celebrate the freedom that our country allows us: to do as we please, go where we want and worship the God we choose to worship. We will never discriminate or condemn those who believe otherwise, and we always encourage people to work towards a goal of common good . . . bridging the gap that separates so many of us . . . our own opinions.

It is for this reason we feel it necessary to proclaim that it is our faith which forms the very foundation of all we do. Our integrity, moral standard, and passion for excellence come from that foundation. A foundation that establishes a goal - a goal that someday we may become worthy of a Great and Powerful God who gave his only begotten Son so that we may have abundant life.

We know the tremendous diversity that exists in this great world, and that others may not believe as we do, but it is our desire to share the very thing that is the pulse of what we do.

We understand that our customers, and others, even within this company may not share the same beliefs as us, but, need to know that this foundation will only improve the working relationship we have with our co-workers, and our clients.

We will always try to handle our business in a manner that may be considered worthy of the foundation we previously described, and treat others in the manner we hope to be treated. Honesty and integrity are of the highest order and we will devote our lives to the God that created us and gave us the very abilities we share.

We hope that you who are reading this can have a better understanding of the founding partners at Omnigraphix, LLC, and feel like you would like to do business with us.

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