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We are proud to introduce Award Winning Photographer Gregory Scott Doramus … our own on-staff photographer.  He has been pushing the creative boundaries of photography for over 15 years winning numerous awards for his creative photographic skills from various locations throughout the world.  One of his amazing abilities is that he is also a well-trained designer and artist, so, not only can he capture the right image, but do it in a more creative way than most traditional photographers … a way that will truly benefit the final design.


Being one of our head-designers, he usually does both the photography and the design, giving him even more of an advantage while shooting, knowing what the final result will be, and capturing unique details that other photographers would completely miss, not because they aren’t talented, but simply because they aren’t involved with both-sides of the process.  Never again will you have to worry about whether or not your photographer and designer share the same vision, which truly is a spectacular and invaluable benefit!


His creative brilliance goes beyond just the camera and extends out to his artistic and design skills positioning him as a Master Photo Montage Expert™ … the amazing ability to merge art & the science of photography creating almost anything out of nothing and making it look real.  Using his creative ability to capture and create unique situations he has a unique eye for the extraordinary, even turning an ordinary subject in to a spectacular work of art. It is thanks to his unique skills and creativity combined with our cutting edge technological abilities that truly sets us apart from our competitors. 


Don’t take our word for it… see samples of his work, and see for your selves how his work can help sell your product or service!

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