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Web Design


For nearly a decade, Omnigraphix has been perfecting the process of creating websites and website designs. Utilizing the latest technology for creating our sites, we continually strive to keep our clients up-to-date in the fast-paced world of technology. Some such products we use are and cascading style sheets (CSS). . . these two languages together provide the absolute best possible website products because of their unique design. Most web design companies use antiquated methods & techniques like HTML, and standard ASP for database solutions. These techniques among others have major limitations when creating a website, especially in areas of functionality, and search engine optimization.

With our unique design and creative framework development we have come up with one of the world’s first Self-Editable Websites; this singular website design application requires no third-party software to edit. Now you can edit or update your website content at any time by logging in to a secure administrative section, and simply typing whatever you want, then with the click of a mouse, the content becomes live, and your website is up-to-date. This process virtually eliminates any wait-time and allows you the freedom to have the most current information possible. It eliminates the need to have a cost- prohibitive monthly-maintenance fee that most web design companies charge. Of course, if the need arise, we will still be ready to step in and aid you at any time with further revision of your website.

Web Hosting Plans


We provide hosting that is affordable as well as guarantee up times.

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Web Design

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What Do All Companies (one-person to 5,000) Need on Their Website?

Here are at least two things you should have, regardless of your size:

1.  Customer Contact Information Preservation – always know who contacted you through your website, and be able to access that information at any time!

2.  Content Control – on your terms! – No longer are you at the mercy of your webmaster … go ahead and make the changes yourself.

Most companies don't ask for these options, and why not? Either they don’t realize they can have it, or most web design companies will charge too much to develop a system that achieves this goal, some web design companies are afraid they may loose you as a repeating customer all together. Instead many firms have relied on a webmaster or outsource to handle their day-to-day content changes, and have relied on other means to keep track of prospective customers who browse their website.